The Anatomy of TALA’s “Heartstrings”

Behold the sonic anatomy of a Euro-Synth-Pop-Ballad gone cinematic…

Good Experimental Pop is a scientific masterpiece… while this is not necessarily Experimental Pop, it is quite a superb starting point for UK newcomer, TALA – anatomically speaking #intheaurallyartisticsense “Heartstrings” sounds like La Roux the Jedi Mercenary’s trek through Janelle Monae’s Cold War. It merges the lush electro-lounge feel synonymous with UK synth-pop, and the classical deft of a four-piece string quartet. The juxtaposition between synthesized and symphonic instrumentation is emphasized in the video which plays off of visual echoes, stark lighting contrast, screen and scene cuts, and thematic and technical polarities; while standing nothing short of a theatric display of this beautifully manic romance, viewed through the paranoid lens of razor blades and rose-colored eyelashes.

I could orchestrate a personal vendetta for her
If I thought it would make things better
How did we wake up to such a bitter symphony
How did we break up the strings between you and me

Sounds like: La Roux going in for Janelle Monae’s Cold War Killer vocal harmonies over Jedi laser light synth meets less noose-inducing Clint Mansell/Cronos Quartet

Looks like: Steven Klein’s kaleidoscopic Greek tragedy… caught in the sleeper psycho cell of a distressed damsel’s cerebral dome… when “she” was “me.”

Watch This Space

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